Welcome to AnyWay

AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a global leader in providing soil stabilization products to the infrastructure and development sectors. Our products are based on a unique technology patented worldwide.

AnyWay’s Natural Soil Stabilizer (ANSS) is recognized as an extremely cost effective method of converting poor quality soil into a strong impermeable layer. It permits construction of pavements, embankments and reinforced earth structures in areas where they were not previously economically viable.

In addition to roads, AnyWay has developed a new line of products designed to be mixed with soil to meet a variety of needs in the building process. This new line of products includes Soil Block, for the manufacturing of compressed earth blocks, Soil Mortar for block laying, Soil Plaster for walls, and Soil Bond tile adhesive.

AnyWay‘s products meet the specified standards and are approved as an environmentally friendly by institutions around the world.