About Us

AnyWay is a subsidiary of The Metrontario Group of companies, an established real estate developer and entrepreneurial investor active since 1946. AnyWay’s commitment is to provide comprehensive, innovative, cost-effective solutions through soil stabilization. Our products have been successfully implemented in road, infrastructure and low cost housing projects using both mechanized and labour-intensive means.

The company’s vision is to provide environmentally conscious infrastructure solutions using a series of cementitious products designed to ensure minimal impact on the environment. We have always recognized the importance of environmental responsibility and have thus created products that are not only extremely effective, but also unthreatening to the environment in which they are applied.

Our products are also designed for labour intensive practices both for road construction and home building, enabling them to be incorporated into development initiatives in rural areas or into CSR projects. Using our products for roads and houses furthers the Millennium Development Goals aimed at achieving poverty eradication, gender equality and female economic empowerment, while promoting environmental sustainability and the development of a global partnership for development.

AnyWay uses the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard as the baseline for our quality system.