Facts You May Not Know About Anyway’s Technology and Proudcts

FactsAnyWay’s Stabilization Technology for Compressed Earth Block building AnyWays Stabilization Technology for Road Infrastructure Building
  • AnyWay’s Compressed Earth Block Building system is approved by SABS
  • Ten people are employed for one manually-operated block-making machine
  • One machine produces up to 1,000 blocks per day
  • 2,500 blocks make one house of 30 sq. m.
  • Building a wall with AnyWay‘sCompressed Earth Blocks is 39% cheaper than with hollow cement blocks, 34% cheaper than with stock bricks and 20% cheaper than with maxi’s
  • Compressed Earth Blocks are environmentally-friendly
  • Compressed Earth Blocks are acknowledged as “low carbon building units”, with the possibility of earning carbon credits, making projects even cheaper
  • Building 100 houses, including development of surrounding infrastructure, provides work for no fewer than 200 people for
    two years
  • Implementation of 1 Rural Community Development Plan generates the opportunity for thousands of poor people to change their lives

  • Tested by the CSIR: “AnyWay‘s Soil Stabilizer significantly improves the properties of the materials tested….. and can thus be considered as a soil stabilizer for use in road infrastructure projects”. The Test Report has also been endorsed by the SABS
  • Using ANSS can offer savings of up to 50% on the cost of building a road
  • AnyWay’s Soil Stabilization technology is approved by the CSIR as Environmentally Friendly
  • The use of AnyWay’s Technology in an infrastructure road projects presents the option of getting Carbon Credits just by minimizing the materials needed to be transported to and from site.
  • Can save up to 300 truck journeys per one km of road
  • Ideally suited to labour-intensive methods, 60 people can construct 200 square metres of road in one day