Roads projects case studies

Lae City road network upgrade, Papua New Guinea

The federal government of Papua New Guinea (“PNG”) made a commitment to develop Lae City as the country’s industrial hub. As part of this commitment, it was necessary to upgrade the city’s road network to accommodate high volume traffic. The government identified 58 Km of roads which it considered t...details

Wine Estate entrance road and parking/turning area

  This historic Estate near Franschhoek in the Western Cape is undergoing extensive redevelopment. The Owner wanted to ensure the entrance road and parking and turning areas complement and enhance the traditional, rural aesthetic of the Estate. The Owner required an un-surfaced gravel...details


Client: Overstrand Municipality Problem   The un-paved parking/turning area at this busy small-craft harbour, housing the world renowned shark-viewing tourist fleet, posed a problem for the Municipality. Wind in this exposed area coated goods in the shops with dust, and dust continually blew i...details

Residential complex, Wolmer Ext 1, Pretoria North

Internal roads and parking areas were required in this residential development, totaling 35,000m2. The in situ material was comprised of a problematic clayey, silty, sandy soil with a high swell potential (commonly known as “black cotton soil”), presenting a difficult engineering challenge. The o...details

Highlands Highway, Papua New Guinea


Patch on Wellington-Wolseley Road

Client:  Western Cape Provincial Roads Problem The road is in sound condition except for a 1km section on raised ground, apparently well-drained, which exhibits pothole formation in both lanes after virtually every rainfall. Surficial repair does not last, and potholes re-open. Repair acti...details

Spine road for operation of large crane, Moses Mabhida 2010 Football Stadium, Durban.

A hardstand platform to support an 800-ton crane was required for the construction of the stadium arch. The original design called for the importing of a selected G5 aggregate to prepare a platform to accommodate the movement and operation of the crane, a procedure estimated to take 8 weeks with ...details

Kiepersol Mine Piet Retief - Haul Roads

Back A coal export mine under construction in the Piet Retief area is connected to a Provincial Road by an un-surfaced road (some 17kms and with a substantial clay content) which is subject to storm damage and flooding. Interlink trucks with a payload of 60 tons use this road for continuous h...details

Storage yard at a steel pipe factory - Belo Horizonte - Brasil,2002

Back In one of the largest steel pipe manufacturing facilities, there was a desperate need to upgrade the service level of its storage yard. The in situ soil was comprised of a clayey and silty soil with fines over 53% that was susceptible to moisture content. The area is known of its heavy rains c...details

Stabilizing Black Cotton Soil as Sub-base - Harhar – Ethiopia, 2008

Back AnyWay's soil stabilization technology was used in this project to upgrade the very poor in situ black cotton soil to the level required for its incorporation into the sub-base in the pavement structure of the service road at an oil refinery. The loads upon this road are heavy and consist pr...details

Stabilization of natural soil as a base layer for a principal route - Rwanda

Back Kigali - Kimironko Road ProjectIn May 2008AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions Ltd. performed an application with ANSS (AnyWay Natural Soil Stabilizer) technology. Two kilometers of a principal route in the city of Kigali were constructed using natural soil stabilized to serve as the bas...details

South Africa, Township roads, Dihlabeng District Municipality, 2008

Back The District Municipality has a planned programme for upgrading township roads in its 5 municipalities. Previously, the in situ clayey soil had to be cut to a depth of 200mm and spoiled. A 200mm layer of selected aggregate was then imported from a distant and expensive source. As the Mun...details

Ethiopia , Addis Ababa, Jemo Residential Area, 2011

Back Internal roads were required in this residential development, totaling 28,000m2. The in situ material was comprised of a problematic clay soil with a high swell potential (commonly known as “black cotton soil”), presenting a difficult engineering challenge.The original design called for ...details