Soil stabilization in road pavement structures

AnyWay’s soil stabilization technology, offers a comprehensive and technically advanced solution for road construction. Using ANSS in road projects:

  • Saves money.
  • Shortens the time taken to complete a project.
  • Minimizes the environmental foot print of the project.
  • Facilitates the use of labour intensive practices, where advantageous.

It is possible to save significant sums of money using soil stabilization compared to the traditional “dig and dump” method. Dig and dump requires an enormous number of costly truck trips and in some circumstances, incurs the additional costs of landfill taxes and the cost of buying aggregates.
Soils treated with ANSS can be designed to be stronger than conventional granular road pavements. Using this type of material in a pavement or foundation means that the strength is considerably enhanced. This strength can be used to reduce the thickness of the foundation or the thickness of the subsequent layers. Concrete or blacktop can be laid directly onto stabilized soil. Reductions in the thicknesses of granular sub base, concrete layers and bituminous layers are all possible.

Soil stabilization can often shorten the time taken to complete a project by minimizing the site preparation time, the need for tipping or to excavate and import to the site better quality materials. The process also enables wet ground to be dried and strengthens it for immediate use.

Guidelines for Construction

Application process of stabilizing using ANSS

Rural Transport Infrastructure and ANSS