AnyWay Natural Soil Stabilizer (ANSS)

The use of ANSS in road projects is recognized as an extremely cost effective method of converting poor quality soil into a strong impermeable layer. It permits the construction of pavement layers, embankments and reinforced earth structures in areas where they were not previously economically viable, while saving significant sums of money.

ANSS is a calcium driven, inorganic soil stabilizer patented worldwide. Its specific formulation allows for stabilization of a broad range of materials without compromising the quality of the result.

The main components that are used to formulate ANSS are a series of inorganic hydration activated powders. It is composed of a specific type of cement, a lime, several pozzolans, rate governing additives, and a unique polypropylene fiber. The specific formulation allows for the individuality of the components to contribute to the reaction process, but also act holistically contributing of the stabilization process.

Reaction process