One product – a variety of solutions

AnyWay permits the use of a single product in a wide variety of applications serving highly diverse needs- from haul roads facing extreme loads, to foundation layers in primary road structures to rural roads, bicycle paths, parking lots and many others.

The product’s versatility facilitates solutions that fully address each customer’s needs. No two roads are exactly alike, and each requires careful evaluation of its budget, climate, intended use and many other parameters relevant to ensuring delivery of the optimal solution.

Each solution also has to meet specific criteria: applicable engineering standards, economic concerns and environmental aspects. The use of ANSS in many places around the world has consistently provided a sound engineering solution while delivering cost savings and minimizing the environmental impact of the project. The following is a list of some of the solutions that have been implemented using AnyWay‘s Natural Soil Stabilizer (ANSS):

Stabilization of expansive soils as sub grade – ANSS changes the characteristics of expansive sub grade soils to enable them to be included in a road pavement layer. This offers engineering, economic and environmental advantages to every road project by allowing these sub-standard soils to be included in the road structure. The advantages offered by this solution have led it to become a recognized practice in many countries around the world.

Clay sub grade in a parking lot Black cotton soil sub grade for a service road

Upgrading sub standard soils – In addition to treating expansive soils, in many cases the use of ANSS improves the characteristics of other sub standard soils to the levels required to allow them to be included in a road pavement structure’s sub base and base layers. It permits the construction of secondary roads in areas where they were not previously economically viable.

Agricultural roads Unpaved secondary roads

Parking lots and service yards – where hauling suitable materials to build parking lots or service yards is a logistical challenge, the ability to use in situ soils through the addition of ANSS is an ideal solution. Whether the pavement structure is surfaced or unsurfaced, the economics speak for themselves

Industrial storage yard Clay soil in an unpaved parking lot
Unpaved parking lot

Landing strips in remote areas – In today’s world, where accessibility is vital, having reliable and durable landing strips in remote areas is often a business necessity. Building these air strips using in situ soils stabilized with ANSS has been proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Paved landing strip

Forestry and natural park roads – The benefits of using ANSS are particularly self-evident when building roads in a fragile natural environment. The ability to use stabilized native soils as the base course of these roads while eliminating the need to excavate borrow pits to construct and maintain them is a significant environmental and economic advantage.

Roads in national parks Forestry roads

Service roads in construction sites – Temporary hauling and service roads are an integral part of many projects. Often these roads cannot endure the requisite heavy loads or traffic and as a result need constant maintenance and reconstruction throughout their period of use. ANSS has been successfully used to build such roads by stabilizing the in situ soil to create strong, durable roads capable of lasting the lifetime of the project.

Industrial service yard Service road to a drilling site

Labor intensive roads practices – In many cases in which roads are being constructed in rural developing areas there is a need to maximize the involvement the local population in the process. Using ANSS allows the project to be implemented using labor intensive practices as it is a safe product not only for the environment in which it is applied but also for the people applying it. The combination of using in situ soils together with labor intensive practices offers advantages to all stakeholders in such projects.

Labour intensive paved secondary road Industrial service yard

Walking trails in parks and other urban environments – Modern esthetic landscape design pays close attention to the materials which walking trails in parks and other urban environmental features are made from. The use of ANSS to build such walking trails and features has been proven to deliver attractive long term solutions. These solutions are not only esthetically attractive, but also economically and environmentally attractive.

Walking trails in an urban park Walking trails in a national park

Compost yards – Low hydraulic conductivity is a necessity in creating compost yards to prevent the potential leaching of contamination into underground water. ANSS has been successfully used to build compost yards while upgrading both the mechanical engineering properties and the hydraulic conductivity of the in situ soils to meet all of the applicable specifications.

Drilling cores from the stabilized layer Compost yard

Horse farms – ANSS has been used to build comfortable and durable riding arena surfaces for many horse farms and equestrian centres. This unique solution of creating a high-performance the riding surface by stabilizing the fine grained in situ soils allows the riders to use it in all weather conditions, for many different riding styles, including reining.

Horse farm Equestrian centre